Affording Brampton University

Three Mayoral candidates in the Brampton Guardian Oct 10, 2014, promise to pour millions of tax dollars into universities and colleges if elected.

All three candidates featured assumed future tax-payers will simply be there to foot the bill. They also spoke as if a university developed by the city is a given, not to be questioned.

Let us step back and think.

Is higher education necessary to, “get the skills needed in today’s economy”? Do you agree university or college is very important, especially for Brampton’s relatively young work force? I don’t think any reasonable person would disagree post secondary education is a value.

Well, with higher education held in such esteem by citizens of Brampton, who would be unwilling to personally support such a value? No one. Such an esteemed value offers no valid reason tax-payers should be forced to subsidize such an institution.

What small, or new business do you know that has started with hectares of land, fully operational, that was a completed turnkey operation, funded by government? Look at it this way. Do you see small business being given a red carpet treatment by these candidates? I do not see any of these Mayoral candidates cheer-leading any other small businesses, yet these small businesses begin as small operations – on their own! Small business starts with what they have, savings and loans, then succeed or fail with no one noticing. A successful business provides excellent service, and excellent product thereby providing value to its customers. The successful small business provides value for cash which internally generates profits and growth.

There is no reason a college or proposed university should be favored over any other small business or enterprise. In fact, if higher education is truly valuable, directly and personally paying for such should be praised.

What is needed is the freedom for those in the field to move ahead privately. For the City of Brampton to admit it will, “budget” and “plan” for a college or new university implies such freedom does not currently exist. Canada’s levels of government do not allow for the market to provide such services as and when needed. There is no need for Canada’s academia to  leverage government to protect their turf.

If the Brampton City council wish merely  to remove barriers and impediments to higher education for valuable educational development and growth, why should barriers and impediments to other small business remain? Equality before the law requires no favoritism, including for college and university education. There is no reason why a college or university cannot be developed privately, grow and prosper solely on the value it provides. There is absolutely no reason a tax-payer should be forced to subsidize such a valuable institution,  –  if it is a value.

– Ted Harlson October 12, 2014

No middleman to reality
No middleman to reality