Canadians built this country but are of secondary interest by its political leaders

A Canadian political leader, including from Brampton “invests” in a foreign country. Little is known or said by media what actually transpires. However the opposite of good results from  these “investments” occur. Your taxes go up and your life is further restricted, not enhanced. This result is the opposite of economic production.

If you were to do some checking, you’d soon see all these so called trade missions are international relation exercises first, and many times with despotic countries.

But here is the important point.

Canadian citizen interests are not on the international table except as sacrificial animals. Money (your savings and hard earned knowledge) are compassionately transferred which ultimately makes our lives poorer, harder, not easier.

Trade missions aren’t cheap. The province and cities have become much bolder by promising your taxes will go up and your lives will be restricted for some utopia in the future. This decade, its a green utopia. Next decade, it may well be global cooling.

If you’ve been around awhile, you know Russia had these kinds of five year plans for their citizens long before Canada borrowed the idea. The parasitical Soviets were not self supporting but depended on genuine producers (America) and despite this, their socialism failed. Canada’s socialism too will fail to the degree Canada, Ontario, and municipalities hold to socialist principles. 

Hard working Canadian’s built this country but are of secondary interest by its political leaders. Hard working Canadians are merely viewed as sacrificial animals. Our governments are bankrupt, except as it pilfers private savings, both the small percentage of businesses and vast pillaged middle class savings.

Finally, it is not “the governments” future that is being drained, but your personal savings in prestige troupes across foreign borders. Only you can put an end to this.


2 Replies to “Canadians built this country but are of secondary interest by its political leaders”

  1. To date, Ontario has spent its cash and is living on debt, massive debt. Ontario will not curtail its spending but transfer costs to municipalities, and in pretense of caring for the tax-payer, raise taxes. This assault will be the same at the Federal, Provincial and municipal levels.

    At the latest, your inheritance (savings, including your HELOC) is being spent for you.

    1. Right. And voters keep voting for this irresponsible activity. A solution is needed to change this provinces direction.
      The Ford government is not attacking the problem in any deep seated way which is the only way to have lasting effect.

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