Instilling Honor Among Councilors

Bravo Ron Wilbur and Vince Last for your Brampton Guardian letter to the editor November 14, 2014.

Ron noted large number of public work employees with little amount of public works accomplished. Vince noted Linda Jeffery’s  large transition team (to Mayor) that will continue to drain our hard working private sector who, “drive eight year old cars…and who cannot afford to send our children to college.”

Overly paid public servants with professional pull peddlers are draining citizens who have no special political connections but live and breathe on their own merits.

It is time to rid ourselves of Peel region, an unnecessary local layer of government. It does not matter this may be difficult and take real work, but if this new council respects tax-payers, this would truly be an honorable aim. The new council can give back to the community – taxes taken.