Letter to each of Canada’s Members of Parliament

Friday April 16, 2021

Right Honourable Justin Trudeau,

I grew up in and around reservations. Over the years chiefs, and Friendship Center executives would blame Canada for poverty, racism, colonialism, systemic barriers, hunger and death on reserves through lack of “self-government.”  I observed criminals talk like that. Criminals refuse to take responsibility for what they’ve done. Bill C-15 preamble should not put blame where it does not belong. 

Colonialism is historical, with great many more benefits than not. It is not colonialism causing poverty. Indigenous poverty stems from the chiefs restricting thought and action where they exercise a dominating and unquestioned putsch. The Indian Act serves for endless infusions of cash.

The chiefs and Indian leaders have held the Indian Act in place ever since Jean Chretien, the junior Minister of Indian Affairs offered to abolish it in 1969. The Indian Act has always been open to abolition. 

Cuba, survives through western infusion. Rich Venezuela was thriving before they voted for never-ending redistribution of producers wealth. Despite good oil reserves, Venezuela went under. Bill C-15 has the potential to do the same. 

Whole countries corrupt. Stalinist Russia and China forced physical equity at gun point. They tried to wipe out human ability by creating an organic whole, a global community that usurped all differences into one creed called the public or universal good. But that drive led only to bloodshed and mass murder. Those regimes had to recognize individual ability, to re-admit capitalism to replace the envy and killing.  

Canada’s envy, just as deplorable, are limited. To end the poverty, systemic barriers, and hopelessness with Indigenous people requires a simple domestic solution; abolishing the Indian Act. Canadian Indians who choose to live off reserve and out of reach of the Indian Act grow and thrive. These peoples prove Canadian law is sufficient without the need for Bill C-15. Bill C-15 is redundant. 

Bill C-15, and similar supports are an attempt to have one’s cake and eat it to, but a forced collective culture is totalitarian, an ideology contrary to individual freedom and rights. The job of governments is to protect individuals from tyranny by protecting their individual freedom of thought and actions. A collective is merely several individuals who acquire no more special rights than an individual. To do so is to destroy individual rights by making it subordinate to others. 

Rather, Canada’s Indian leadership should be taken to international courts of justice for crimes against humanity for their ideological collective obsession. They keep their members in poverty, chaos, alcohol, addictions, shortened life spans, resultant rape and murder of women and girls, hunger, and continued murder and killing of youth against youth when lack of hope settles in place of opportunity and health. 

People from other cultures, newcomers here thrive far better than on-reserve Indians even though many start in penury on farms feeding chickens and cows, picking apples and fruits. These once poor individuals are far richer than someone who is adept at professional ropes of dependence. They eventually buy the farm – even as they remain free to practice their cultural habits. 

Anyone who calls themselves a “government” must understand and accept the vast responsibilities of genuine freedom, including individual volition, private property, and clear title that naturally goes with it, to stop blaming others while allowing continuing death and destruction as its structure and organization while it hopes for improvement later down the road. Canada’s Indian chiefs have not sought freedom but collective tyranny. This, world-wide is the cause of suffering and damage. 

Please be kind and vote for immediate abolition of the Indian Act rather than extending the Indian Act through  Bill C-15. Let us have confidence in our own laws and ability to protect rights, including Indigenous people. Off reserve Indigenous development shows great success. Vote no to Bill C-15. Freedom is the basic ingredient required for anyone’s success. 

Thank you for your time.   

Ted Harlson 


Ontario CANADA

Email: tharlson@hotmail.com