Ontario Election 2022: The shocking truth about why opponents of lockdowns can win

Ontario Election 2022: The shocking truth about why opponents of lockdowns can win 

 If lock-downs, mask mandates, talk of vaccine passports, and the daily efforts of the Establishment parties and media to cancel, fine, or imprison those who speak out against such abuse of power has you feeling down, dispirited, or hopeless, this message is for you. If you think that the next election will not change anything because the Progressive Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, and Greens are all in favour of these oppressive Coronavirus policies, this message is definitely for you, and for anyone who feels similarly doubtful about the next election changing anything for the better.

This is not an empty, pro-freedom “rah-rah we can do it” rant. We’ve all read those and found them to give no real reasons to think the next election will be any different from the past. No, what I here offer you is: mathematics; mathematics that will crush the arguments of those who attempt to tell you that you are throwing your vote away unless you vote Progressive Conservative, Liberal, or NDP; mathematics that will show you how easy it is actually to beat the Progressive Conservatives, Liberals, and NDP.

Ignore the man behind the curtain?

L. Frank Baum’s “Wizard of Oz” turned out to be a flabby, snake-oil selling, phony of a man, hiding behind a curtain encircling a smoke-and-mirrors machine that made a giant, scary, “great and powerful Oz” seem to appear in the court of his castle.  The political media are tools with a similar purpose.  They make flabby, snake-oil selling phonies – i.e., political parties (and their leaders) – appear to be unbeatable, powerful, biblical Goliaths.

Each election, you’ve been told – by Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, or the vestigial/oldstream media  – that the public heavily supports the PCs, or the Liberals. Polls are trotted out by TV, radio, and newspaper newsmedia – almost all of which are owned by the same two or three huge, publicly-traded corporations – to convince you that the Liberals or the Progressive Conservatives have the support of, say, 42% of those polled, and that the other party is “trailing” at 32%, or “closing the gap” at 39%, etc.. But it is all smoke and mirrors. The simple fact of the matter is that the winners of provincial elections have nowhere near that amount of support. Parties win elections with very little support at all.

The election results pull back the curtain

Do not take my word for it. And ditch the deliberately-manipulative push-polls that misrepresented how much voter support the parties had.  Let’s look at the actual results of past elections.

Freedom Party of Ontario was founded in 1984, so we’ll use that as our starting point. The following table shows which party won each of the last 10 elections, how many seats they won, what percentage of ballots were cast in favour of that party, and what percentage of eligible voters voted for that party.

How Opponents of Lockdown can Win!

Ontario electionVoter  TurnoutWinning  PartyNumber of  Seats WonPercentage of All ballots CastPercentage of All Eligible Voters Who Voted for the Winning Party
198561.5%Progressive  Conservative (Frank Miller)52  (of 125)37.0%22.8%
198762.7%Liberal (David Peterson)95 (of 130)47.3%29.7%
199064.4%NDP (Bob Rae)
74 (of 130)37.6%24.2%
199562.9%Progressive Conservative (Mike Harris)82 (of 130)44.8%28.2%
199958.3%Progressive Conservative (Mike Harris)59 (of 103)45.1%26.3%
200356.8%Liberal  (Dalton McGuinty)72 (of 103)46.4%26.4%
200752.1%Liberal (Dalton McGuinty)71 (of 107)42.3%22%
201148.2%Liberal  (Dalton McGuinty)53 (of 107)37.7%18.2%
201451.3%Liberal (Kathleen Wynne)58 (of 107)38.7%19.9%
201856.7%Progressive Conservative (Doug Ford)76 (of 124)40.5%23%

Unless you normally think about such data, you might find the rightmost column, above (Percentage of All Eligible Voters Who Voted for the Winning Party), to be quite shocking. In all of the last 10 Ontario provincial elections, the party winning the greatest number of seats needed the votes of less than 30% of all eligible voters, to win. They needed the votes of as few as 18.2% of all eligible voters to win. In most of those cases, they formed a majority government (meaning that, because they won more than half of the seats in the legislature, the opposition parties could not defeat the passage into law of any new government bills). Indeed, the Liberals formed a majority government in 2014, even though 80.1% of the electorate did not vote for them. It needed the support of just 19.9% of eligible voters to have essentially dictatory power over the lives of 100% of Ontario’s residents.

The most recent election was little different. 77% of Ontario’s eligible voters did not vote for Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative candidates. With the support of fewer than 1 in 4 voters, Ford’s PCs scooped 76 of Ontario’s 124 seats. With the resulting majority government, he has used governmental power to destroy the lives, severely restrict the liberties, and seize the property of the people whose lives, liberty, and property he was elected to defend. Just 23% of eligible voters made the current abuse of governmental authority possible. Another 19% handed the NDP 40 seats in the same election. 11.1% handed the widely-reviled Liberals 7 seats. With the support of only 2.6% of eligible voters, even the Green Party was able to win a seat.

My point, of course, is that the media feeds you a false impression that winning parties have a lot of supporters. They don’t. A party can turn the province into its totalitarian plaything with the support of less than 20% of eligible voters.

The electoral power of a motivated minority 

Now, consider this. It is obvious that the most important issue facing all Ontarians at present is the government’s response to Coronavirus. It is also obvious that Ontario’s Liberal, NDP, and Green parties complain not that Ford’s PC government is being too oppressive, but that he is being too lax, when it comes to things like stay-at-home-orders, mask mandates, etc.. No matter how tightly Ford’s PCs choose to tighten the screws, the other parties want them tightened even more. And, to be certain, voters who are in favour of such intrusions on your freedom will again vote PC, Liberal, NDP or Green in the June 2022 election. However, it is becoming pretty clear that there is a significant minority of Ontario voters who will vote for a party that will restore their freedom and put an end to lock-downs, mask-mandates, etc..

Given that Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals won a majority government with the support of only 19.9% of eligible voters, it cannot be denied that a party again could win and form a majority government with the support of only 19.9%. Given the Wynne Liberals’ performance in 2018, it cannot be denied that some party could win 7 seats with the support of only 11.1% of eligible voters.

Now, ask yourself this. Is it possible that, by the time of the June 2022 provincial election, at least 19.9% of eligible voters will be willing to vote against all parties who supported lockdowns, mask mandates, mandatory vaccinations, vaccination passports, bans on travel etc.? Is it possible that at least 19.9% of eligible voters will vote for a party that can be trusted to put an immediate end to lock-downs, mask mandates and other abuses of government power? Is it likely that any of those voters will trust the Progressive Conservatives (or Liberals, NDPs, or Greens) not to impose lockdowns, mask-mandates etc. again?  As the old saying goes: “Fool me once, Doug Ford, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”  Anyone who, sick of the anti-freedom Wynne Liberals, thought Doug Ford’s PCs were somehow principled and reliable defenders of individual freedom has been burned and disillusioned.  They’re not about to be used by Doug Ford’s PCs again.

You, and the many people you’ve seen opposing these abusive policies have the power to end all of this. You do not need the numbers you think you need. Ontario’s own Wizard of Oz – Doug Ford – has turned out to be nothing more than a completely unqualified sticker salesman, hiding behind a curtain while the media have given him credit for relinquishing the power of the Premier’s office to a “command table” of non-scientific, leftist policy wonks; revolutionary wonks, aided by a handful of useful idiots willing to compromise the integrity of their university degrees (e.g., “I’ve got a degree in medicine, so I’m an expert at moral philosophy, justice, economics, and law-enforcement).  The notion that Ford or his party are “great and powerful” is all smoke and mirrors, facilitated by Establishment media who hope that you never realize that Ontario’s system of government allows a motivated minority to form the next government; that it allows David to take down Goliath, because Goliath, in truth, never is as mighty or supported as the media tells you he is.

The election of 2022 does not have to be a replacement of one oppressive government with another one. Opponents of the current abuse – you, me, and all friends of freedom – spread the news! An end to all of this is possible with much less electoral support than almost anyone would believe.

Rally with the reliable voice of Freedom in election 2022 

In terms of which party to elect, the choice is clear.  From the outset of the Coronavirus issue, Freedom Party has consistently opposed draconian lockdowns, mandatory mask-wearing, and other draconian measures.  In my capacity as the leader of the Freedom Party, I warned as early as March 22, 2020 that the forces of the left would use Coronavirus as an excuse to violate the lives, liberties, and properties of Ontarians.  I have consistently opposed the Ford government’s responses to Coronavirus with videos, articles, radio appearances, and in social media.  Freedom Party president, Robert Metz, likewise, has tirelessly brought to listeners of his weekly global radio broadcast, Just Right, the information that free-thinking people need to distinguish facts from false-news.  Moreover, unlike every other political party in Ontario, Freedom Party has a massive online Archive of its audio, video, and written communications spanning 41 years: we do not hide anything we’ve said or done, so you can see for yourself that Freedom Party has remained Ontario’s advocate for a government that defends your life, liberty, and property, and has consistently opposed attacks on your freedom and your pursuit of your own happiness.  Have a look at Freedom Party’s archive entries over the last 13 months, and you will have the evidence you need to feel confident that a Freedom Party government will immediately put an end to lock-downs, mandatory masking, mandatory vaccination, and “vaccination passports”.

To win in 2022: ACT NOW!

The next election is just 14 months away. Now is the time to find a Freedom Party candidate for your riding (or to volunteer to be the candidate…just call Freedom Party to get the ball rolling: 519-681-3999 ). Now is the time to start or increase those monthly (tax creditable) contributions to Freedom Party, so that the party has the money it needs to buy election signs and ads. Now is the time to promote Freedom Party in your social media postings (start by sharing this article, now).

Armed with the knowledge that Ontario is almost certain to have enough anti-lockdown/pro-freedom support by the time of the next election, now is the time for restored confidence, for an end to pessimism, and for an end to that feeling of hopelessness. Now is the time for all of us to put aside disagreements on other things, and to band together, as Freedom Party, to put an end to the madness, and to make the pursuit of happiness in this province possible once again.  Start now!

{Paul McKeever is the leader of the Freedom Party of Ontario.  He has been interviewed on TV and radio about Freedom Party and individual freedom and capitalism numerous times since 1999 (see the Archive).  He has spoken and marched with thousands at pro-freedom events.  He produced the 2010 documentary “The Principle of Pot” (you can watch it on youtube).  Since 1997, he has been an employment lawyer by profession, having represented clients in the Superior Court of Justice, the Divisional Court, the Court of Appeal, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, and the Ontario Labour Relations Board.  Currently, he also is writing a book on philosophy and individual freedom.}

Become a member of the Freedom party of Ontario: https://freedomparty.on.ca/

Bramptonian’s volunteer for FPO. Message me on Facebook. Call/text me: 647-269-3304

More Brampton Doctors (finally) speaking out

Let us all do all we can to stop this political pandemic! In Canada, our Premier has turned to false public policy, rather than peer reviewed research and studies as told by these doctors. Public policy (lockdown) has no evidence to support it. But the political atmosphere gets worse! Doug Ford, our Premier, has turned to fascism in his decisions to lockdown and create fear and obedience, and destroy almost the entire of small business.

Public policies, if not exposed and countered will not stop but grow worse and worse. It is long past time to end Canada’s and global irrational politics surrounding Cars-Cov-2.

The City of Brampton and Expropriation

March 11, 2015

Expanding expropriation powers for Brampton municipality would be an ominous mistake.

Throwing Brampton into dark statism with expanded expropriation powers may not be felt immediately, but over time, all development and progress would be killed. Such powers is against everything natural and functional regarding man.

Man needs choice and alternatives. To remove his choice through expropriating his home, his business in favor of another business would be a new version of fascism, whereby private property is not merely hindered, deformed out of all market shape, but would be a complete pretense of living. To violate the property rights of one person is to violate the property rights of all citizens. But how would expropriation powers be extended to municipalities and what would it look like?

Municipalities would extend their expropriation powers the same way the Federal government or Province already violates property rights, but extension of these powers to municipalities would reveal the naked, ominous motive of this power. The danger would be much more obvious to see.The wish of some business owners to kick out (expropriate) some other business or resident by condemning their place would be too obviously fascist many would resist – and properly so.

Let me step back a little.

I have made the mistake before of expecting others to understand certain terms so before I proceed, here is what Ayn Rand identifies as the character of fascism. She brings the authoritarian nature of a planned economy crudely into the open.

The main characteristic of socialism (and of communism) is public ownership of the means of production, and, therefore, the abolition of private property. The right to property is the right of use and disposal. Under fascism, men retain the semblance or pretense of private property, but the government holds total power over its use and disposal.”

When Brampton businessmen (who should know better), are promoting the ideaof expropriating private property, fascism is what they are advocating.

You should all be concerned enough to speak out against this ominous expansion of government.

A short look back

Do you remember Sandra Pupatello, Ex- Minister of economic development? Do you remember she was in Brampton at a Business breakfast with Susan Fennell and pull – peddling businessmen? She wanted government to be like a “lion” towards business. She meant more intervening. Here is a response I wrote and gave to a few associates. Happily I can say Brampton did vote out the majority of councilors and also replaced the Mayor.

Integration Series 2013

Sandra Pupatello, ex Minister of economic development and trade with the McGuinty government was clubbing in Brampton with Susan Fennell and other sunshine club members at a recent, “Business Breakfast.” Sunshine club members are public officials who pocket over $100,000 a year of tax-payers money. Sandra Pupatello wanted her audience to be, “like a lion on what we can do for business.”

In other words, she wanted club growth, more businessmen to curry special political favor. What these sunshine clubbers do in Brampton are strategic failures! Far from “helping” Brampton’s business, economic chaos results.

Brampton City Center mall for example can now remain open on Family Day, to the monopoly of other small business which cannot. Administrative cost now props up this chaos that ensues from an unholy business exemption/favoritism.

Now connect this type of activity to Brampton’s city hall expansion and you will understand that radical political intrusion is planned for our future! Favoritism will greatly increase. This is precisely what Brampton’s strategic vision represents; an uncontrolled beast in motion that will rip and devour the best of Brampton’s future.

Already, today’s massive regulatory regime with tax administered weight represents more than mere removal of dollar for dollar from our pay checks towards, “Strategic planning” but represents further destruction of our personal savings, wholesale destruction of our property rights, destruction of our careers and knowing destruction of our personal strategies.

This uncaring income drain and disintegration is largely unseen, but it is felt because it is personal initiative and development that won’t happen due to taxation and diversion of our productive efforts. Personal and individual dreams are suffocated as independence is destroyed.

Unless we as individuals exercise our sovereignty, as I’ve said, worse is coming.

The only way your life will count in Brampton politics is if you have more choice and more options, not less to make your life work well. We as individuals need more control of our money and savings not less. We need sovereignty not massive legislation.

You have been making good choices all your life by earning and saving what you’ve earned but a time must come to say no those who take it away. Almost 50% of your working life is taken by politicians who convince you, election after election to give and sacrifice, “just a little more.”

At 51% tax where is your sovereignty? With a regulatory regime that erodes your livelihood, what is there left to do without some kind of license, monitor and permission?

We deserve much better than this and so do our children.

We can say no to Brampton council’s impositions, we can organize to vote these spenders out of office. We can seek better representatives who will free up our economy and the recessionary mess politicians have created and won’t let go.

We can work towards repealing BIA,s and here, we can dismantle Brampton’s Downtown Development Corporation.

It is possible and crucial we work towards freedom in our lives.

Ted Harlson

Member of the Freedom Party of Ontario since September 2010


I am The Young

Brampton in another election mode
What’s your share? $17,000 per
of this cumbersome debt load
baby boomers will just defer.

And make you pay, young man,
For sins and wanton over-load
tax-less the young woman ban,
All will pay with no out road.

Ay! Such heartless, vile servitude
Should mark no man, but goad
And ride a mean, equal rectitude,
And vote out the old, blind toads.

Ted Harlson
Freedom Party of Ontario


Jun 16, 2015 Your share is now over $20,000

great men of truth

I have observed some wanting a platform grid for comparing Brampton’s electoral candidates. This may be helpful in judging candidates positions but there is an easier way.

Let us take a look at some specific and generalized truths.

Value is central to our lives. This general principle is so assumed in our daily living that it is pretty much taken for granted.

People pursue values. People go shopping, purchase vehicles, seek better jobs, good pay or good salary. We even pursue the best ideas we can find. Value pursuit is everywhere we look! Attaining values are rewarding and life enhancing. Value pursuit is also necessary, and moral in the pursuit of the greatest value of all: our own life.

What then would be the greatest societal value, i.e., political value in this relation? The greatest value would be that which leaves us free to pursue our lives how we wish.

Freedom allows the greatest choice and ability in pursuit of personal, life–giving values. The condition is of course we live in a rational culture wherein we respect others right to do the same. To bring this home, Canada’s constitution states, s. 7. “Everyone has the right to life, liberty, and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof…”

“Right to life”, “Right to liberty”, and “Security of the person” have been honed for centuries by men who loved truth and encoded these general principles in law for us to personally benefit.

A candidates ideas can therefore be compared to political freedom it has or has not integrated in its platform. We can ask, does the platform and idea promote freedom? How? How not? Will the platform burden us and future generations with involuntary servitude and greater taxes? Will a candidates idea impose greater restrictions? Or enable greater choice? Will our personal dreams be free to flourish? Will our personal savings be drained or be under attack? Will this candidate endanger our personal security? Or will our personal lives and future be respected? Will our right to life be expanded? In what way?

As a concrete example, Brampton’s public LRT proposal is against this abstract, important idea of freedom. The proposal supposedly addresses traffic congestion but quickly loses plausibility when examined against the rights and reality of freedom.

Has the question been asked why we have congestion in the first place? You cannot blame the market. A market does not allow for congestion between supply and demand. A free market price system ensures flow, especially when free people are generally problem solvers.

Political controls. Political restrictions. Political leaders pretending to be market drivers are today’s recessionary bottle neck—and cause of congestion. The solution therefore should be geared towards political freedom, not public transportation and enslaving taxes. Brampton’s economy must be freed to develop value, not driven to bankruptcy.

Freedom is the political standard and guide for deciding which candidate to support. It isn’t easy to adhere to freedom, especially when serious problems exist, but our lives and future depends on it.


Ted Harlson at Brampton’s tax pit. The beginning of the City Hall expansion.
Member Freedom Party of Ontario