Ontario Election 2022: The shocking truth about why opponents of lockdowns can win

Ontario Election 2022: The shocking truth about why opponents of lockdowns can win 

 If lock-downs, mask mandates, talk of vaccine passports, and the daily efforts of the Establishment parties and media to cancel, fine, or imprison those who speak out against such abuse of power has you feeling down, dispirited, or hopeless, this message is for you. If you think that the next election will not change anything because the Progressive Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, and Greens are all in favour of these oppressive Coronavirus policies, this message is definitely for you, and for anyone who feels similarly doubtful about the next election changing anything for the better.

This is not an empty, pro-freedom “rah-rah we can do it” rant. We’ve all read those and found them to give no real reasons to think the next election will be any different from the past. No, what I here offer you is: mathematics; mathematics that will crush the arguments of those who attempt to tell you that you are throwing your vote away unless you vote Progressive Conservative, Liberal, or NDP; mathematics that will show you how easy it is actually to beat the Progressive Conservatives, Liberals, and NDP.

Ignore the man behind the curtain?

L. Frank Baum’s “Wizard of Oz” turned out to be a flabby, snake-oil selling, phony of a man, hiding behind a curtain encircling a smoke-and-mirrors machine that made a giant, scary, “great and powerful Oz” seem to appear in the court of his castle.  The political media are tools with a similar purpose.  They make flabby, snake-oil selling phonies – i.e., political parties (and their leaders) – appear to be unbeatable, powerful, biblical Goliaths.

Each election, you’ve been told – by Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, or the vestigial/oldstream media  – that the public heavily supports the PCs, or the Liberals. Polls are trotted out by TV, radio, and newspaper newsmedia – almost all of which are owned by the same two or three huge, publicly-traded corporations – to convince you that the Liberals or the Progressive Conservatives have the support of, say, 42% of those polled, and that the other party is “trailing” at 32%, or “closing the gap” at 39%, etc.. But it is all smoke and mirrors. The simple fact of the matter is that the winners of provincial elections have nowhere near that amount of support. Parties win elections with very little support at all.

The election results pull back the curtain

Do not take my word for it. And ditch the deliberately-manipulative push-polls that misrepresented how much voter support the parties had.  Let’s look at the actual results of past elections.

Freedom Party of Ontario was founded in 1984, so we’ll use that as our starting point. The following table shows which party won each of the last 10 elections, how many seats they won, what percentage of ballots were cast in favour of that party, and what percentage of eligible voters voted for that party.

How Opponents of Lockdown can Win!

Ontario electionVoter  TurnoutWinning  PartyNumber of  Seats WonPercentage of All ballots CastPercentage of All Eligible Voters Who Voted for the Winning Party
198561.5%Progressive  Conservative (Frank Miller)52  (of 125)37.0%22.8%
198762.7%Liberal (David Peterson)95 (of 130)47.3%29.7%
199064.4%NDP (Bob Rae)
74 (of 130)37.6%24.2%
199562.9%Progressive Conservative (Mike Harris)82 (of 130)44.8%28.2%
199958.3%Progressive Conservative (Mike Harris)59 (of 103)45.1%26.3%
200356.8%Liberal  (Dalton McGuinty)72 (of 103)46.4%26.4%
200752.1%Liberal (Dalton McGuinty)71 (of 107)42.3%22%
201148.2%Liberal  (Dalton McGuinty)53 (of 107)37.7%18.2%
201451.3%Liberal (Kathleen Wynne)58 (of 107)38.7%19.9%
201856.7%Progressive Conservative (Doug Ford)76 (of 124)40.5%23%

Unless you normally think about such data, you might find the rightmost column, above (Percentage of All Eligible Voters Who Voted for the Winning Party), to be quite shocking. In all of the last 10 Ontario provincial elections, the party winning the greatest number of seats needed the votes of less than 30% of all eligible voters, to win. They needed the votes of as few as 18.2% of all eligible voters to win. In most of those cases, they formed a majority government (meaning that, because they won more than half of the seats in the legislature, the opposition parties could not defeat the passage into law of any new government bills). Indeed, the Liberals formed a majority government in 2014, even though 80.1% of the electorate did not vote for them. It needed the support of just 19.9% of eligible voters to have essentially dictatory power over the lives of 100% of Ontario’s residents.

The most recent election was little different. 77% of Ontario’s eligible voters did not vote for Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative candidates. With the support of fewer than 1 in 4 voters, Ford’s PCs scooped 76 of Ontario’s 124 seats. With the resulting majority government, he has used governmental power to destroy the lives, severely restrict the liberties, and seize the property of the people whose lives, liberty, and property he was elected to defend. Just 23% of eligible voters made the current abuse of governmental authority possible. Another 19% handed the NDP 40 seats in the same election. 11.1% handed the widely-reviled Liberals 7 seats. With the support of only 2.6% of eligible voters, even the Green Party was able to win a seat.

My point, of course, is that the media feeds you a false impression that winning parties have a lot of supporters. They don’t. A party can turn the province into its totalitarian plaything with the support of less than 20% of eligible voters.

The electoral power of a motivated minority 

Now, consider this. It is obvious that the most important issue facing all Ontarians at present is the government’s response to Coronavirus. It is also obvious that Ontario’s Liberal, NDP, and Green parties complain not that Ford’s PC government is being too oppressive, but that he is being too lax, when it comes to things like stay-at-home-orders, mask mandates, etc.. No matter how tightly Ford’s PCs choose to tighten the screws, the other parties want them tightened even more. And, to be certain, voters who are in favour of such intrusions on your freedom will again vote PC, Liberal, NDP or Green in the June 2022 election. However, it is becoming pretty clear that there is a significant minority of Ontario voters who will vote for a party that will restore their freedom and put an end to lock-downs, mask-mandates, etc..

Given that Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals won a majority government with the support of only 19.9% of eligible voters, it cannot be denied that a party again could win and form a majority government with the support of only 19.9%. Given the Wynne Liberals’ performance in 2018, it cannot be denied that some party could win 7 seats with the support of only 11.1% of eligible voters.

Now, ask yourself this. Is it possible that, by the time of the June 2022 provincial election, at least 19.9% of eligible voters will be willing to vote against all parties who supported lockdowns, mask mandates, mandatory vaccinations, vaccination passports, bans on travel etc.? Is it possible that at least 19.9% of eligible voters will vote for a party that can be trusted to put an immediate end to lock-downs, mask mandates and other abuses of government power? Is it likely that any of those voters will trust the Progressive Conservatives (or Liberals, NDPs, or Greens) not to impose lockdowns, mask-mandates etc. again?  As the old saying goes: “Fool me once, Doug Ford, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”  Anyone who, sick of the anti-freedom Wynne Liberals, thought Doug Ford’s PCs were somehow principled and reliable defenders of individual freedom has been burned and disillusioned.  They’re not about to be used by Doug Ford’s PCs again.

You, and the many people you’ve seen opposing these abusive policies have the power to end all of this. You do not need the numbers you think you need. Ontario’s own Wizard of Oz – Doug Ford – has turned out to be nothing more than a completely unqualified sticker salesman, hiding behind a curtain while the media have given him credit for relinquishing the power of the Premier’s office to a “command table” of non-scientific, leftist policy wonks; revolutionary wonks, aided by a handful of useful idiots willing to compromise the integrity of their university degrees (e.g., “I’ve got a degree in medicine, so I’m an expert at moral philosophy, justice, economics, and law-enforcement).  The notion that Ford or his party are “great and powerful” is all smoke and mirrors, facilitated by Establishment media who hope that you never realize that Ontario’s system of government allows a motivated minority to form the next government; that it allows David to take down Goliath, because Goliath, in truth, never is as mighty or supported as the media tells you he is.

The election of 2022 does not have to be a replacement of one oppressive government with another one. Opponents of the current abuse – you, me, and all friends of freedom – spread the news! An end to all of this is possible with much less electoral support than almost anyone would believe.

Rally with the reliable voice of Freedom in election 2022 

In terms of which party to elect, the choice is clear.  From the outset of the Coronavirus issue, Freedom Party has consistently opposed draconian lockdowns, mandatory mask-wearing, and other draconian measures.  In my capacity as the leader of the Freedom Party, I warned as early as March 22, 2020 that the forces of the left would use Coronavirus as an excuse to violate the lives, liberties, and properties of Ontarians.  I have consistently opposed the Ford government’s responses to Coronavirus with videos, articles, radio appearances, and in social media.  Freedom Party president, Robert Metz, likewise, has tirelessly brought to listeners of his weekly global radio broadcast, Just Right, the information that free-thinking people need to distinguish facts from false-news.  Moreover, unlike every other political party in Ontario, Freedom Party has a massive online Archive of its audio, video, and written communications spanning 41 years: we do not hide anything we’ve said or done, so you can see for yourself that Freedom Party has remained Ontario’s advocate for a government that defends your life, liberty, and property, and has consistently opposed attacks on your freedom and your pursuit of your own happiness.  Have a look at Freedom Party’s archive entries over the last 13 months, and you will have the evidence you need to feel confident that a Freedom Party government will immediately put an end to lock-downs, mandatory masking, mandatory vaccination, and “vaccination passports”.

To win in 2022: ACT NOW!

The next election is just 14 months away. Now is the time to find a Freedom Party candidate for your riding (or to volunteer to be the candidate…just call Freedom Party to get the ball rolling: 519-681-3999 ). Now is the time to start or increase those monthly (tax creditable) contributions to Freedom Party, so that the party has the money it needs to buy election signs and ads. Now is the time to promote Freedom Party in your social media postings (start by sharing this article, now).

Armed with the knowledge that Ontario is almost certain to have enough anti-lockdown/pro-freedom support by the time of the next election, now is the time for restored confidence, for an end to pessimism, and for an end to that feeling of hopelessness. Now is the time for all of us to put aside disagreements on other things, and to band together, as Freedom Party, to put an end to the madness, and to make the pursuit of happiness in this province possible once again.  Start now!

{Paul McKeever is the leader of the Freedom Party of Ontario.  He has been interviewed on TV and radio about Freedom Party and individual freedom and capitalism numerous times since 1999 (see the Archive).  He has spoken and marched with thousands at pro-freedom events.  He produced the 2010 documentary “The Principle of Pot” (you can watch it on youtube).  Since 1997, he has been an employment lawyer by profession, having represented clients in the Superior Court of Justice, the Divisional Court, the Court of Appeal, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, and the Ontario Labour Relations Board.  Currently, he also is writing a book on philosophy and individual freedom.}

Become a member of the Freedom party of Ontario: https://freedomparty.on.ca/

Bramptonian’s volunteer for FPO. Message me on Facebook. Call/text me: 647-269-3304

Letter to each of Canada’s Members of Parliament

Friday April 16, 2021

Right Honourable Justin Trudeau,

I grew up in and around reservations. Over the years chiefs, and Friendship Center executives would blame Canada for poverty, racism, colonialism, systemic barriers, hunger and death on reserves through lack of “self-government.”  I observed criminals talk like that. Criminals refuse to take responsibility for what they’ve done. Bill C-15 preamble should not put blame where it does not belong. 

Colonialism is historical, with great many more benefits than not. It is not colonialism causing poverty. Indigenous poverty stems from the chiefs restricting thought and action where they exercise a dominating and unquestioned putsch. The Indian Act serves for endless infusions of cash.

The chiefs and Indian leaders have held the Indian Act in place ever since Jean Chretien, the junior Minister of Indian Affairs offered to abolish it in 1969. The Indian Act has always been open to abolition. 

Cuba, survives through western infusion. Rich Venezuela was thriving before they voted for never-ending redistribution of producers wealth. Despite good oil reserves, Venezuela went under. Bill C-15 has the potential to do the same. 

Whole countries corrupt. Stalinist Russia and China forced physical equity at gun point. They tried to wipe out human ability by creating an organic whole, a global community that usurped all differences into one creed called the public or universal good. But that drive led only to bloodshed and mass murder. Those regimes had to recognize individual ability, to re-admit capitalism to replace the envy and killing.  

Canada’s envy, just as deplorable, are limited. To end the poverty, systemic barriers, and hopelessness with Indigenous people requires a simple domestic solution; abolishing the Indian Act. Canadian Indians who choose to live off reserve and out of reach of the Indian Act grow and thrive. These peoples prove Canadian law is sufficient without the need for Bill C-15. Bill C-15 is redundant. 

Bill C-15, and similar supports are an attempt to have one’s cake and eat it to, but a forced collective culture is totalitarian, an ideology contrary to individual freedom and rights. The job of governments is to protect individuals from tyranny by protecting their individual freedom of thought and actions. A collective is merely several individuals who acquire no more special rights than an individual. To do so is to destroy individual rights by making it subordinate to others. 

Rather, Canada’s Indian leadership should be taken to international courts of justice for crimes against humanity for their ideological collective obsession. They keep their members in poverty, chaos, alcohol, addictions, shortened life spans, resultant rape and murder of women and girls, hunger, and continued murder and killing of youth against youth when lack of hope settles in place of opportunity and health. 

People from other cultures, newcomers here thrive far better than on-reserve Indians even though many start in penury on farms feeding chickens and cows, picking apples and fruits. These once poor individuals are far richer than someone who is adept at professional ropes of dependence. They eventually buy the farm – even as they remain free to practice their cultural habits. 

Anyone who calls themselves a “government” must understand and accept the vast responsibilities of genuine freedom, including individual volition, private property, and clear title that naturally goes with it, to stop blaming others while allowing continuing death and destruction as its structure and organization while it hopes for improvement later down the road. Canada’s Indian chiefs have not sought freedom but collective tyranny. This, world-wide is the cause of suffering and damage. 

Please be kind and vote for immediate abolition of the Indian Act rather than extending the Indian Act through  Bill C-15. Let us have confidence in our own laws and ability to protect rights, including Indigenous people. Off reserve Indigenous development shows great success. Vote no to Bill C-15. Freedom is the basic ingredient required for anyone’s success. 

Thank you for your time.   

Ted Harlson 


Ontario CANADA

Email: tharlson@hotmail.com

Letter to the Assembly of “First Nations.”CANADA

Thursday April 8, 2021

Dear Chiefs, and leaders of Indigenous organizations,

The Bill C-15 preamble wrongly blames Canadian governments for the poverty, racism, colonialism, systemic barriers, and general poor development on reserves through lack of “self-government.” Criminals talk like that, refusing to take responsibility of their own lives. 

Facts show the Chiefs long had their opportunity to escape the restrictions of the Indian Act, but rejected it since Indian Affairs Minister Chretien proposed abolition in 1969. Since, the Indian Act has always been open to abolition.

Colonialism is historical, with many more benefits than not, so it is not colonialism that poverty stems from. Poverty stems from laws restricting thought and action. The proof is everywhere. Cuba is poverty stricken due to its communism. It survives through western infusion. Venezuela was a a free, democratic and thriving country. One of the best before the socialists took over. Now with never-ending redistribution of its producers wealth, Venezuela, despite its abundant oil reserves, went bankrupt. Stalinist Russia had to re-admit capital development in order to get past farming. The same with China. China experienced severe totalitarian restrictions. It now allows some freedom to survive. 

The Chiefs want to have their cake and eat it too with Bill C-15, however, freedom and rights for Indigenous people necessarily reduces power over them. Many individuals from other cultures who have come here not many years ago, thrive far better than on-reserve Indians even though they started in penury, on farms feeding chickens and cows. The difference is freedom based on individual rights. These once poor individuals are far richer than someone who is adept at the professional ropes of dependence. They eventually buy the farm. 

Canada’s Indian leadership should be taken to international courts of justice for crimes against humanity due to an ideology that keeps their members in poverty, chaos, alcohol, addictions, shortened life spans, resultant rape and murder of their women and girls, hunger, and continued murder and killing of youth against youth when lack of hope settles in place of opportunity and health. If you call yourself a “government” then you accept the vast responsibilities of freedom, including private, personal property rights with the responsibility of failure and lawsuits.

If the shoe fits, wear it. But if not, please help me to promote the immediate abolition of the Indian Act above ideology. No rational ideology allows death and destruction as its structure and organization. 

Please respond. Thank you for your time,

—- Ted Harlson

cc.Native Women Resource Center

Native Friendship Centre of Toronto

North Bay Indigenous Friendship Center


Letter to Ontario’s provincial leader & Members of Parliament

Ted Harlson

Mon 2021-04-05 3:20 AM

Re: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCPXyUrsVE4

To: Ray Morand; John Morand; doug.fordco@pc.ola.org; christine.elliott@pc.ola.org; prabmeet.sarkaria@pc.ola.org

Dear Progressive Conservative government, MPP’s,

It has taken citizens far too long to realize the jackboot attitudes of governing today but as Doug Ford presses down, more people will stand up and then the choice is back to freedom or the applying of full totalitarian controls. This has always been the ultimate choice. We are so far down the statist road; choices are becoming stark.

It was September 6 the secret police created the policy which came in force two weeks later. September 19, 1941, “…any Jew over 6 years old was not allowed in public without a yellow star and permit.” (Much like the health permits being currently discussed in parliament today). The Jews were not allowed in public with the star, “or there would be a 150 Mark fine…..with worse to come.” 

We all know with hindsight what that, “worse to come meant.” 

Government leaders in Canada, stop playing with fire! I know it is not yourselves you expect to get burned due to your many statute barred protections, but you personally cannot escape the havoc and deaths you have created by your heavy hands already. Let people live in freedom and immediately end this political pandemic. People are tired of it. 

Ted Harlson


Same day from Ray Morand (Toronto, Canada). 

I believe that Hitler had the same problem with religious leaders. Auchwitch, Buchenwald and other such places were developed to handle those problems. To indanger other highway users in such a manner is stupid, negligent and irrisponsible.The use of such a level of force defies belief! What lunatic, at a higher level, authorized this demonstration of intimidation? So a pastor and 2 underage  sons might have been dangerous enough to justify this level of escalation and misuse of municipal property and resources? 

I find it difficult to support any level of government which believes this is acceptable! 

Please respond

Ray Morand

From Ontario Canada

Ontario Nurse (name withheld) April 2021

Dear Premier Ford, Health Minister Elliot, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Williams, and MPP Jane McKenna,

Ignore the shrill fear-mongering of my healthcare worker colleagues in this open letter addressed to you:

Do not be guilt-tripped into further issuing lockdowns.  Rather, open up immediately. 

I am a registered nurse with 18-years of experience working on the hospital front line, including ICU, Emergency, and various inpatient departments in many institutions.  Overwhelmed hospitals existed long before Covid.  I have seen elderly people looking rather grey or blue, dumped into closets and common areas, without piped oxygen, many a-flu-season ago working at large urban hospitals with decaying infrastructure and lack of beds.  Working triage during the wicked flu season of 2018 (without a mask, not a sick day took), I remember walls of people crammed into the waiting room due to lack of space and hospital overwhelm daily.  

It is from this context of my experience that I read this letter by my colleagues demanding lockdown and I wonder if they have gotten soft and forgotten what a busy hospital looks like.  Too many days with the ER running at half-capacity through most of the pandemic lockdowns, easily verified through publicly available hospital data, has perhaps set a new standard of leisure time at work.  Frankly, one of the biggest complaints I have heard from doctors during lockdown is excruciating boredom.

The threats of impending catastrophe in our hospitals are utterly unfounded.  The claim that we face another Italy or New York was used to issue lockdowns last March, again in December, and once again today.  Reality never seems to match the modeling and we are in the process of completely discrediting ourselves.  As the saying goes: “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.  Fool me three times, shame on both of us.”

As politicians, health leaders, and front-line workers, the looming tsunami we truly face is that of the public’s contempt for destroying their lives for no reason.  Trust me, they are waking up.


Ontario registered nurse.

Abolishing Canada’s Indian Act long overdue.

Bullet points:

Greater detail is provided after these bullet points.

Bill C-15 

Preamble: Don’t blame Canadians for faulty decision – making chiefs.


Indigenous people of Canada were simply cut off from the European continent’s division of labour and knowledge transfer which caused a time lag in development. Canada fought totalitarian Europe, and recovered quickly through freedom of thought and action. The Indian Act prevents Canadian Indians from these freedoms. Near zero development is kept in place as tribal Chiefs choose the Indian Act governing since 1969 over freedom for its members.  

Article 5 – 7 

Only individual rights can provide the harmony of interests for development and security. 

Article 15

Concept of private property on reserve must be accepted according to UNDRIP article  

Article 20(2) Indian Act must meet UNDRIP requirements. Indigenous governing is not exempt in keeping “colonial governing” as they have since 1969. 

Indian Act, not colonialism has been the main source of poverty and stagnation. Abolition as redress violates no one’s rights.  

Note: Bill C-15 is rushed, vague and therefore open to highly mistaken interpretation which will become a source of agitation and chaos – another Indian Act – to the point of threatening Canadian sovereignty. These are addressed by other Concerned Constituents of Canada’s submissions.  

The following is more in-depth detail of my bullet points. 

Abolishing Canada’s Indian Act long overdue.

For too many decades Canadian Indian’s suffered under legislation called the Indian Act. In 1969 the Indian Affairs Minister proposed abolishing this Act but was met with fierce resistance, protests and violence across Canada. The Indian chiefs stirred the Indian pot to keep this despotic legislation in place. The Chiefs desired the Indian Act as an instrument to leverage political power through compassion and sacrifice of Canadian politicians. Canadian people have been paying for lack of development on Indian reserves since. The following is my letter to the federal committee seeking Canadian alignment to UNDRIP (United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People).


Bill C-15. From an individual Rights perspective.


The preamble refers to injustices no worse than the injustices of totalitarian Europe during WWII, yet Canadians quickly moved past those terrible years, healed, and re-built. 

Those under the Indian Act did not, including native veterans. It was the Indian Act’s monopoly  on the use of physical force that nullified thought, and action of reservation individuals that prevented healing, and rebuilding. 

Continuation of the Indian Act is a major part of limitations for Canadian Indians overall development. Financial institutions for example are not owned by private members, but are held in trust by Council, and Chief. All subject to Indian act restrictions do not have necessary incentives to personally prosper and flourish. Indians, like my parents who left the reserve and status system prospered no matter how poor they were. The humanizing factor of choice is greater off reserve.

Canada developed in a structured, reasoned manner in many ways. Personal ability within a context of freedom enabled citizens to recover quickly from totalitarian Europe. Indigenous people cannot recover no matter what they think or do while under the force of the Indian Act – a legislation they refuse to let go of since Jean Chretien (1969) proposed abolition while he was Indian Affairs Minister. Abolishing the Indian Act would be best policy of reconciliation because it moves towards individual freedom.

Abolishing the Indian Act though an action plan will not abrogate or derogate section 35 of Canada’s Charter. 

Abolishing the Indian Act would be the kindest, most compassionate decision Canada and the Indigenous organizations could make towards healing and opening the way towards genuine development. 

Simply adding more types of laws; Charter, Indian law, International law, etc., complicates what requires simplicity – freedom based on individual rights protection which the poorest would be able to understand. We are talking of real people who need the freedom of choice to think and act to personally build their own private lives. Such reasoned and careful direction is a positive possibility. 

Bill C-15 


Individual rights must be protected always.

My parents were full blooded Shuswap Indians (Squilax/Chase B.C.) whose lands were taken unjustly by the Chief in the 1960’s without compensation. Land surveyors plotted reserve lands according to who lived there at the time. Since my parents were off reserve, they were not counted and the Chief took the land. This was fraudulent practice and no doubt was wide spread across Canada’s 300 + reserves during that time. Such theft may well increase with any  changes of legislation, including Bill C-15. Such positioning may have already started. How?

Consider squatters rights. With the co-operation of the Ontario government, Teranet Inc. has converted Ontario’s 4.3 million land titles from a paper registry to an electronic format. Who on reserves even knows how the Chiefs will allocate, “collective ownership” of property if and when  converting this data method applies to reserves”? 

Off reserve Indians are left out of informed, meaningful negotiations although they constitute a vast majority of the Indigenous population. Many Indian reserves cover vast areas of land but are controlled through nepotism, and benefit only small family groups. 

Bill C-15 cannot exclude urban Indigenous citizens of Canada meaning non-status Indians who have already reconciled their lives, and moved forward. Urban Canadian Indians have thrived without the Indian Act. Off-reserve, no-status people’s lives prove this. 

The Indian Act is the greatest systemic barrier to Indigenous development and should have been abolished when Jean Chretien offered it in 1969. It is the Assembly of Chiefs and Indigenous leaders who retain this unjust, destructive Act. The endless trail of tears will end with freedom. 

Let me offer this solution to solve the government of Canada’s fears of including non-status Indigenous people in Bill C-15. First UNDRIP is non-legally binding, so this entire endeavour is voluntary. I also prefer this Bill not pass, but if it does, solving massive inclusion is possible only by clarifying what rights are and how to acknowledge rights through freedom. 

With Indian Act abolition, I suggest all existing reserve lands that tribal council holds “collectively” be turned into a public corporation under control of Indigenous organizations who cannot sell the lands themselves, but act as stewards. One year after reserves have been turned into Indigenous crown property, that media broadcast unused portions of reserve lands become available for purchase to Indigenous purchasers. Those unused, un-lived in  portions of the reserves can be held available for purchase in limited size and amounts, say in sub-divided plots for a period of say, 25 years (arbitrary). This will give time for as many Urban Indigenous people to “go back home” and purchase a plot of land for themselves – if they wish. Land with existing homes can easily be turned into a form of rent to own, where the band council no longer keeps ownership perpetually while charging rent to Indigenous payers. Private ownership must be an option according to UNDRIP i.e., 25 yr mortgages, where no Indigenous person will be denied the freedom of his beliefs and personal property. 

Some sub divided plots would be eligible for immediate ownership having paid rent most of their lives in their homes. After 25 years, when most urban Indigenous people able to purchase lands, have bought what they want, free and clear title can be introduced, thus evolving once reservation property towards the same status as Canadian ownership before the law. The private property owners can also have the option of turning their owned area into a municipality.  Article 7 and 17 UNDRIP necessitates some form of this.   

Note: Much of Canada’s laws already reflect UNDRIP principles without the need to duplicate internationally what already exists domestically. 

Article 8. Private property will enhance and strengthen cultural tradition.

Article 18. Definition not possible without individual rights underlying the fundamental Harmony of Interest required by the current understanding of Canadian and Indigenous. Individual sovereignty satisfies all involved.


Bill C-15 Articles

Measures for Consistency of Laws and Achieving the Objectives of the declaration

5. Individual rights are the most consistent with UNDRIP. I’m offering a mere glimpse.

6 (1) A thought out action plan prior to accepting Bill C-15 to avoid legal chaos, misunderstandings, and delay. 

   (2)  Only freedom based on inherent, (inalienable) individual rights, (UNDRIP’s article 17, 18). can provide a means of just property gain. By contrast, sophisticated, Indigenous use of eminent domain in this area will cause injustice to private property holders similar to what is happening today. See Bill C-222 (expropriation without consultation to private property owners). VOTE NO. 53  43RD PARLIAMENT, 2ND SESSION Sitting No. 60 – Wednesday, February 17, 2021

(4) Abolishing the Indian Act has no downside, but an action plan for this should begin now, even if Bill C-15 does not reach Royal Assent. (See my following comments in ANNEX).

Bill C-15 Article 35. 

Indigenous peoples have the right to determine the responsibilities of individuals to their communities. 

1 No community consensus can replace individual responsibility to his own life. UNDRIP clearly states this. A community (number of individuals) may well have their own practises, beliefs and traditions, but according to Canadian Law, and UNDRIP, such beliefs must not be forced unto someone. nor may someone be excluded by such beliefs. 

2 UNDRIP must equally apply to those very Indigenous groups. Bill C-15 if it passes would apply to Section 35 of our Charter as well. 

3 It would be blatant discrimination if an Indigenous community determines (forces) on an individual, beliefs and behaviour he does not not agree with. Or just as unjust, if an Indigenous band denies off reserve, non-status Indigenous ownership of private individual clear title, property

4 UNDRIP 20: No one may be compelled to belong to an association. UNDRIP Article 18 also applies.

Finally, I’ll add, Canadian leaders need to begin to understand the liberating, and problem solving ability of individual rights before signing international agreements for perceived domestic human relation problems. The Assembly of First nations seeking international solutions means domestic solutions no longer exist or has been exhausted by the bands and they are intellectually bankrupt in this area. 

This is not true. The Indian Act is against all decency and moral living as well as being existentially impossible. Nothing can make it work if its at core, corrupt. Abolishing the Indian Act would solve most of Indian grievances, including and especially those poorest of the poor. The Indian Act is the rotten apple in the barrel and must be severed completely. 

So let us have genuine heart and introduce freedom based on individual rights, property rights and real security to those who do not possess it with on law for Canada. 

Thank you, 

Ted Harlson. 

More Brampton Doctors (finally) speaking out

Let us all do all we can to stop this political pandemic! In Canada, our Premier has turned to false public policy, rather than peer reviewed research and studies as told by these doctors. Public policy (lockdown) has no evidence to support it. But the political atmosphere gets worse! Doug Ford, our Premier, has turned to fascism in his decisions to lockdown and create fear and obedience, and destroy almost the entire of small business.

Public policies, if not exposed and countered will not stop but grow worse and worse. It is long past time to end Canada’s and global irrational politics surrounding Cars-Cov-2.

What about Antifa?

It is important to understand the brutal essence of Antifa as they pose as freedom fighters, as “fighting fascism”, while media, politicians and left-wing extremist professors coddle or hide/ cower before their anarchist, murderous ways:


An Ontario Canada politician kicked from Progressive Conservatives

The following is a January 15, 2021 letter to Ontario’s Premier from Roman Baber, is now an (ex)sitting member of provincial parliament despite being truthful, honest, and accurate in his devastating portrayal of current lockdowns here.

Would that Brampton South’s own MPP representative, Prabmeet Singh Sakaria had a tiny speck of the same integrity and courage as this MPP. Would that our own Premier of Ontario, Canada be honest. The Ontario’s political pandemic would be over sooner than later: