Brampton energy is expensive

I wrote this letter just a few moments ago to WindConcernsOntario. The province is costing you billions subsidizing inefficient energy. The cost of contracts to builders of damaging wind turbines, the huge public service club organizers who profit as well as an expensive bureaucracy that needs high electricity billing to keep their work programs.


Dear Wind Concerns Ontario, Jane Wilson,

I just saw, “Downwind” on Sun TV. I agree with the show very much and wish to expand the influence of better, more rational environmental ideas to counter the disrespect the province has for its citizens.

Our current direction is insane, costly, and an immoral direction towards carbon tax, subsidized turbines and worse is coming.

The province is in a condition worse than broke, we are in debt, yet the environmental agenda, via the Wynn government is planned for a major initiative this spring and summer. This means the Liberal party is planning it as you read this.

I am sure the blue belt (Conservatives) understand the asinine direction environmentalism is pointed, but the Metro areas, including where I live is solid Liberal and do not question what the government does. I believe their minds can be changed once the truth is known.

I am taking the initiative to write you and anyone who might be interested in continuing this fight against the lies that will do worse damage if those who know better keep silent.

As a member of the Freedom Party of Ontario, we have long platformed against the, “Green Energy Act” including many other catastrophic energy plans that have undermined this province, corrupted politics, and destroyed human lives.

Do you have anyone in or near Brampton I can talk with or discuss how to further promote better ideas concerning expanding better, more rational ideas concerning environmentalism? Thank you.


Ted Harlson.