“So what do the best and brightest of our younger generation have to say?

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Mendisa and Savi say,

‘Reading the Undercurrent helps to express and bring to light issues affecting younger generations within our community that are often pushed aside. It encourages the younger generations to take a stand for a future that is rightfully theirs. It is safe to say that many of today’s youth can benefit from the insights of the Undercurrent, like we did!’

Bravo! Get tuned in today!”


About Ted Harlson

Born in lower Central B.C. Canada, I grew up in the lakes and mountains of the Okanagan. I've traveled in many Canadian cities, settling in Toronto mid 1980's where I married my lovely wife, Rose. Thanks to Ayn Rand's books and ideas, we have a happy and productive life, both with careers we enjoy! Life is a joy!