Brampton’s Expensive Guilds

The economic issue in Brampton is our unnecessary high cost of living caused by public monopolies or modern guilds in health care, alcohol sales, auto insurance, energy production, environment, and education to name a few. Tax-payers are paying heavily for these failing props. And they are failing.

Ontario’s biggest monopoly is its healthcare guild which is due to get much worse! Look.

Brampton 2012 Census

Age      Male      Female      Total

50-59   31,555   31,105         63,655

60-74   20,495   21,730         42,225

75+       7,465     10,360          17,820

We already pay 47% of our incomes towards taxes. That’s approaching half our lives! With this income removal we cannot keep up with the 75+ age group who require care now. Our unpaid and growing debt clearly shows that.

Let us look closer. 17,820 is 3.42% percent of Brampton’s 520,000 population

As the 50-59/60-74 age group move towards retirement and critical illness, what percentage of Brampton’s population will that be? (63,655 plus 42,225 = 105,880). This will represent 20.3% of Brampton’s population. It’s not far away.

Health care numbers will jump 16 times as the 101,880 in Brampton move towards 75+. These will need short and long term care which cannot be taken care of by our current government monopoly in healthcare. The idea of universality was concocted when these baby-boomers were young, healthy, idealistic and socialist. But reality remains unmoved by utopia’s. We need greater freedom and choice to work out this socialist problem if we are to care. Burdening the working young with lifetime taxes is not a solution.

There is nothing sacred about public healthcare that traps us into deeper deficit annually. This monopoly is destroying Ontario’s future savings and credit. Brampton is no exception.

Brampton’s young and healthy workforce are being drafted into debt servitude which will heavily burden them all their working lives! A crushing tax rate enslaving future generations who wish a happy future is absolutely immoral!

Without directly facing and solving Ontario’s rising healthcare costs Liberal/NDPc’s spending is evasion of this problem. This is unfit for a leader or party. PCs claimed a million jobs even as continued universality means government growth and increased cost. These parties both fail honesty and justice in their song and dance.

By contrast the Freedom Party of Ontario offers an immediate solution to this serious problem with its Opposition Budget: (15 pages of copy ready substance).

As well the Freedom Party offers well thought out and principled solutions to Brampton’s  guild systems in Ontario. The Freedom Party of Ontario offers what you’ve been looking for;  wider choice and sensible alternatives to our overly priced fashions of dependence.

The Freedom Party of Ontario offers: good health care, affordable electricity; scrapping the Health Premium, hidden beer and wine taxes, and the gasoline tax; eliminating the McGuinty/ Wynn bans on Health Canada approved pesticides and incandescent light bulbs; restoring fair auto insurance; being able to buy wine and beer at convenience/grocery stores; a 120kph speed limit on the 400 series highways; and much more. See for yourself!

Freedom Party Brampton West candidate: Ted Harlson

Cell Phone: 647-269-3304



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