Canada’s Human Right’s Code

Human Rights Commission as Criminal

Canadians used to be free to talk about anything including judging other peoples character, even if they were wrong. But forced multiculturalism, diversity and the Human Rights Commission has destroyed rational discourse between people of different backgrounds. Political pretence reigns. 

Historically this wasn’t so. Canadians used to voluntarily rely on reasoning in communication. 

A culture of reason and freedom going all the way back to ancient Greece, had forged centuries of just relationships. The result was the Dominion’s successful struggle in making an honest, productive living from the wilderness and pioneering. Basic civil standards became recognized and codified by institutions. Canada became a western, civilized country rooted in individual rights and supporting a body of knowledge called the western canon. 

The European and Asian theatres, 1914 – 1945 by contrast, offered clear lessons when moderns turned barbaric and uncivil. 

After the great wars, generations took for granted the freedoms they fought for. They didn’t dream, after seeing with their own eyes the slaughter and murders by tyrants, that anyone would establish the same kinds of collective powers they fought against. Little did these generation realize that by taking for granted individual rights, individual freedom had no form and would lose expression. In addition, individual rights was actively disdained by Canada’s elites. They rejected the pinnacle of rights: America. 

So, despite the fight against collective tyranny, we now live under the haunting spectre of censorship, by being not allowed to speak against collectives.  

When the (Maoist) revolution took place. Canadian students followed and revolted here in North America. They placed anarchy, and the mob above the individual. Morality was thus realigned to protect tribes and not the person, thus changing the Human Rights Commission into a destroyer, not a protector of rights.

Crime has risen as a direct result.

Canada’s Human Rights Commission is now criminal in nature.