Freedom of Choice


Most people don’t care much about politics. Given the current mess it creates, we can’t blame them. Political actions reduce freedom, making us feel helpless. It’s demeaning that we are denied the right to make decisions for ourselves. We are forced to accept the decisions of bureaucrats and politicians. In Ontario, our individual  freedom of choice is disappearing fast. 

Lack of choice has a direct effect on your life and your happiness – and that’s tragic. Politicians of the traditional parties all believe that they should be making decisions for you. The only purpose of elections is to give them more power to do so. Losing control of our own lives has hurt all of us. Unfortunately, we gave politicians the power to run our lives this way. 

We need to take back our lives. We need elected representatives who recognize our right to make choices for ourselves and who are committed to standing up for individual rights. This means taking back control of your own life, which means having the right to make decisions that affect your life! We need a political party that believes the purpose of government is to protect our individual rights and secure our freedom of choice. 


Every Freedom Party policy is consistently based on the principle of individual freedom. It is the only principle that distinguishes free societies from state-control societies. We believe that all responsible individuals have a right to make their own choices. If you agree, then you owe it to yourself to discover FREEDOM PARTY OF ONTARIO! 

Ted Harlson

Freedom Party member for Brampton South


Freedom Party of Ontario: The choice for freedom

“Individual freedom is the pre-condition for human productivity and, therefore, for abundance and, therefore for the wealth of nations.” 

– Ayn Rand, :Hunger and Freedom,” The Ayn Rand Letter, Vol III, No. 22, July 1974.


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The Freedom Party has run in many elections with many candidates, and to date, we are 100% debt free. It is the aim and plan of the Freedom Party to govern Ontario the same way. We are so committed to freedom of choice that we embedded it in our party constitution at paragraph 3. 

3. The FPO is founded on the principle that: Every individual, in the peaceful pursuit of personal fulfillment, has an absolute right to his or her own life, liberty, and property (hereinafter referred to as the FPO’s ‘Founding Principle.’).” 

Take the time to find out about your political choices. Find out what it means to take back control of your own life. Please write and tell us what freedom means to  you.

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Leader of Freedom Party of Ontario: Paul McKeever

Freedom Party of Ontario is an officially registered Ontario political party. 

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