Letter to Ontario’s provincial leader & Members of Parliament

Ted Harlson

Mon 2021-04-05 3:20 AM

Re: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCPXyUrsVE4

To: Ray Morand; John Morand; doug.fordco@pc.ola.org; christine.elliott@pc.ola.org; prabmeet.sarkaria@pc.ola.org

Dear Progressive Conservative government, MPP’s,

It has taken citizens far too long to realize the jackboot attitudes of governing today but as Doug Ford presses down, more people will stand up and then the choice is back to freedom or the applying of full totalitarian controls. This has always been the ultimate choice. We are so far down the statist road; choices are becoming stark.

It was September 6 the secret police created the policy which came in force two weeks later. September 19, 1941, “…any Jew over 6 years old was not allowed in public without a yellow star and permit.” (Much like the health permits being currently discussed in parliament today). The Jews were not allowed in public with the star, “or there would be a 150 Mark fine…..with worse to come.” 

We all know with hindsight what that, “worse to come meant.” 

Government leaders in Canada, stop playing with fire! I know it is not yourselves you expect to get burned due to your many statute barred protections, but you personally cannot escape the havoc and deaths you have created by your heavy hands already. Let people live in freedom and immediately end this political pandemic. People are tired of it. 

Ted Harlson


Same day from Ray Morand (Toronto, Canada). 

I believe that Hitler had the same problem with religious leaders. Auchwitch, Buchenwald and other such places were developed to handle those problems. To indanger other highway users in such a manner is stupid, negligent and irrisponsible.The use of such a level of force defies belief! What lunatic, at a higher level, authorized this demonstration of intimidation? So a pastor and 2 underage  sons might have been dangerous enough to justify this level of escalation and misuse of municipal property and resources? 

I find it difficult to support any level of government which believes this is acceptable! 

Please respond

Ray Morand