Letter to the Assembly of “First Nations.”CANADA

Thursday April 8, 2021

Dear Chiefs, and leaders of Indigenous organizations,

The Bill C-15 preamble wrongly blames Canadian governments for the poverty, racism, colonialism, systemic barriers, and general poor development on reserves through lack of “self-government.” Criminals talk like that, refusing to take responsibility of their own lives. 

Facts show the Chiefs long had their opportunity to escape the restrictions of the Indian Act, but rejected it since Indian Affairs Minister Chretien proposed abolition in 1969. Since, the Indian Act has always been open to abolition.

Colonialism is historical, with many more benefits than not, so it is not colonialism that poverty stems from. Poverty stems from laws restricting thought and action. The proof is everywhere. Cuba is poverty stricken due to its communism. It survives through western infusion. Venezuela was a a free, democratic and thriving country. One of the best before the socialists took over. Now with never-ending redistribution of its producers wealth, Venezuela, despite its abundant oil reserves, went bankrupt. Stalinist Russia had to re-admit capital development in order to get past farming. The same with China. China experienced severe totalitarian restrictions. It now allows some freedom to survive. 

The Chiefs want to have their cake and eat it too with Bill C-15, however, freedom and rights for Indigenous people necessarily reduces power over them. Many individuals from other cultures who have come here not many years ago, thrive far better than on-reserve Indians even though they started in penury, on farms feeding chickens and cows. The difference is freedom based on individual rights. These once poor individuals are far richer than someone who is adept at the professional ropes of dependence. They eventually buy the farm. 

Canada’s Indian leadership should be taken to international courts of justice for crimes against humanity due to an ideology that keeps their members in poverty, chaos, alcohol, addictions, shortened life spans, resultant rape and murder of their women and girls, hunger, and continued murder and killing of youth against youth when lack of hope settles in place of opportunity and health. If you call yourself a “government” then you accept the vast responsibilities of freedom, including private, personal property rights with the responsibility of failure and lawsuits.

If the shoe fits, wear it. But if not, please help me to promote the immediate abolition of the Indian Act above ideology. No rational ideology allows death and destruction as its structure and organization. 

Please respond. Thank you for your time,

—- Ted Harlson

cc.Native Women Resource Center

Native Friendship Centre of Toronto

North Bay Indigenous Friendship Center