Life for an egoist in 1625

Once in a while clues are still discovered that reveal just how little religious life was viewed in real terms, and how important one’s life was for individuals in the 17th century. Those who believed their lives meant something did not hide the fact.
During the Dutch golden age wherein trade was booming, even prior to the British, the Dutch did not have such a little Kingdom by the Sea.
There is a little white house in Amsterdam I believe, house No# 70, in which was found a secret code.
In 1995 new owners purchased that house with the intent of restoring it fully. As they were renovating and tearing some inside walls out, they found a parchment in a small cubbyhole behind some paneling. The parchment was coded and for the longest while, they could not find out what the writing on it meant.
It took from 1995 until 2014 for the owners to finally find the meaning of the words of the mysterious parchment. The parchment in old Frisian language stated
He who resents the profit made by others, tortures his own flesh and wastes his time.”
Well, its an amazing saying from those who did not waste their lives and time.
This still true today. I offer this simple discovery in tribute to all academics today who spend their days conniving to undermine profit and capitalism. You would do well to heed the words of egoists who built golden ages.
– Ted Harlson.