Looking Past Brampton’s Spending Scandal

August 2014

The current attack on Mayor Susan Fennell will result in greater taxes, and greater authoritarian rule in Brampton without good replacements.

Embedded in the Canadian psyche, especially the highly educated is this: Whenever a problem or crises emerges, the government must, “Do something.” The actions of Brampton’s Mayor and Council may need to be restricted from arbitrariness, yet will this further reinforce the notion that all solutions emanate from government? This depends on if citizens want better.

The Toronto Star is focusing on Susan Fennell’s personal spending scandals. This concentration, motivated or not, diverts attention from deeper problems like extremely high taxes promised, expensive premiums, overly high costs of commodities, and whether Brampton even wants an LRT or not. And I haven’t even mentioned the systemic problems like violations of individual and property rights.

With Susan Fennell gone, will a next Mayor and Council actually reduce taxes by eliminating self-appointed responsibilities? Will Council, elected new or not, stand up against massive new spending schemes of the Province? Can Brampton free itself from crippling government growth and meddling’s?

When was the last time you heard a politician (besides the Freedom Party) speak of freedom and mean it? Instead we live in a permit society.

What’s horrifying is today’s youth have zero concept of freedom and what it means. Remaining freedoms we have may well die with our remaining veterans. Today’s military battles are not defending our values, certainly not about defending our freedom and security, but about feeding the world, and pretending they want to work and produce capital instead of fight.

The basic political crises we face here in Brampton is, will we have freedom or controls? In the coming October municipal elections, do extensive research, vote for freedom and you will have taken steps towards getting it.