Low Blow and response

In response to a low blow accusing Bramptonians of racism, I submitted the following to the Brampton Guardians September 3, 2014 article.

Richard Graff’s, “In Defence of the Mayor” was an uncalled for, unjustified low blow packaging race with, “old Brampton.”

This is an insult to Canadians as well as new Canadians, assuming they have no idea of individual and property rights, but are collective by nature. This racial view is compounded as Richard forwards race politics as a desperate measure against obvious discontent with Brampton’s current regime. Citizens of Brampton should not accept this unearned guilt designed to intimidate and silence.

A real issue is Brampton’s extraordinary high cost of living which politicians at all levels have burdened Brampton with, even as they wash their hands of debt. All tax-payers have had enough!

Better solutions exist than an LRT which promises to add millions more to our already tax forced personal lives.

– Ted Harlson