A short look back

Do you remember Sandra Pupatello, Ex- Minister of economic development? Do you remember she was in Brampton at a Business breakfast with Susan Fennell and pull – peddling businessmen? She wanted government to be like a “lion” towards business. She meant more intervening. Here is a response I wrote and gave to a few associates. Happily I can say Brampton did vote out the majority of councilors and also replaced the Mayor.

Integration Series 2013

Sandra Pupatello, ex Minister of economic development and trade with the McGuinty government was clubbing in Brampton with Susan Fennell and other sunshine club members at a recent, “Business Breakfast.” Sunshine club members are public officials who pocket over $100,000 a year of tax-payers money. Sandra Pupatello wanted her audience to be, “like a lion on what we can do for business.”

In other words, she wanted club growth, more businessmen to curry special political favor. What these sunshine clubbers do in Brampton are strategic failures! Far from “helping” Brampton’s business, economic chaos results.

Brampton City Center mall for example can now remain open on Family Day, to the monopoly of other small business which cannot. Administrative cost now props up this chaos that ensues from an unholy business exemption/favoritism.

Now connect this type of activity to Brampton’s city hall expansion and you will understand that radical political intrusion is planned for our future! Favoritism will greatly increase. This is precisely what Brampton’s strategic vision represents; an uncontrolled beast in motion that will rip and devour the best of Brampton’s future.

Already, today’s massive regulatory regime with tax administered weight represents more than mere removal of dollar for dollar from our pay checks towards, “Strategic planning” but represents further destruction of our personal savings, wholesale destruction of our property rights, destruction of our careers and knowing destruction of our personal strategies.

This uncaring income drain and disintegration is largely unseen, but it is felt because it is personal initiative and development that won’t happen due to taxation and diversion of our productive efforts. Personal and individual dreams are suffocated as independence is destroyed.

Unless we as individuals exercise our sovereignty, as I’ve said, worse is coming.

The only way your life will count in Brampton politics is if you have more choice and more options, not less to make your life work well. We as individuals need more control of our money and savings not less. We need sovereignty not massive legislation.

You have been making good choices all your life by earning and saving what you’ve earned but a time must come to say no those who take it away. Almost 50% of your working life is taken by politicians who convince you, election after election to give and sacrifice, “just a little more.”

At 51% tax where is your sovereignty? With a regulatory regime that erodes your livelihood, what is there left to do without some kind of license, monitor and permission?

We deserve much better than this and so do our children.

We can say no to Brampton council’s impositions, we can organize to vote these spenders out of office. We can seek better representatives who will free up our economy and the recessionary mess politicians have created and won’t let go.

We can work towards repealing BIA,s and here, we can dismantle Brampton’s Downtown Development Corporation.

It is possible and crucial we work towards freedom in our lives.

Ted Harlson

Member of the Freedom Party of Ontario since September 2010