Ward 3,4 candidate potentials

I have seriously looked over all the candidates in my ward 3,4 for awhile now. Unless I missed anything, or have not dug deep enough, there is not any candidate that has shown any substance for the future beyond rhetoric and platitudes except one. (I’m just referring to Ward 3,4) Some of the candidates have excellent professional careers and have accomplished a lot in their respective areas so new candidates may well have a difficult time as challengers.
However the political careers of these incumbents and their great accomplishments are precisely what has brought Brampton to the deplorable cultural and economic state we are in now.
In other words, these career politicians, as sweet and chummy as their sunshine club is, have, despite their bromides, long neglected what was (and is) necessary for the future growth of this city.
The immense gap between public and private incomes openly displays the direction these official clubbers have driven on the backs of tax-payers. Brampton’s “middle class” has clearly been run over by Brampton’s bureaucratic elite.
Here is my observation.
There are too many volunteer positions by councilors, spread over too wide an area. The delightful “impression” these politicians give towards volunteering work goes perfectly hand in hand with their vague generalities. If one looks closely, city councilors for the most part are not focused on one area of expertise. For example, there are multitudes of non-profit organizations and business over-lapping and merging. This crowded over emphasis on community spirit and “networking” neglects the time needed for serious problems that exist.
Pilfering of Brampton’s most broad based producers (middle income earners) has been accomplished by a steady, unwavering growth of non-profit blood sucking. Brampton’s citizens virtues of generosity and kindness has been used against them even as individual independence has been dissolved into networks of volunteerism and partnerships.
I believe volunteering is fine and one is free to volunteer provided it is true volunteer work. However, this has grown into a huge, lop-sided industry that is inter-meshed with the use of government force. Governments generous support of sacrificial ideas has tainted Brampton’s true morality of self sustained independence.
There is only one candidate in Ward 3, 4 I see that seems focused on solving Brampton’s serious problems. Michael Freeman is articulate, well capable and he has substance in his outlining where he wants to go, and what he wants to accomplish for Brampton. I don’t agree with his idea of the LRT since his platform of promoting an LRT (Light Rail Transit) goes against reducing taxes but…see for your self what this candidate has to say.